Periodontal Disease Treatment – Derby, KS

Improving Gum Health Safely and Effectively

Millions of people throughout the world suffer from gum disease. Without necessary treatment, this bacterial infection can destroy bone and even cause tooth loss. Dr. Clark wants to help patients take control of their gum health, which is why she offers scaling and root planing and antibiotic therapy. By treating the problem in its earliest stages, you can avoid worsening oral and overall health. Call our dental office today to learn how we can help with periodontal disease treatment in Derby, KS.

Woman in need of periodontal disease treatment pointing to inflamed gum tissue

Why Choose Illuminate Family Dentistry for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

  • Hygienist Turned Dentist With Years of Experience
  • Antibiotic Therapy Available to Prevent Reinfection
  • Careful and Gentle Care to Ensure Comfort

Scaling & Root Planing

Animated smile during scaling and root planing treatment

When plaque and bacteria accumulate around the gum line, it can lead to inflammation and an eventual breakdown of the bone and teeth. But with scaling and root planing, we can eliminate the buildup (scaling) before smoothing and shaping the tooth roots to encourage healing while reducing the risk of reinfection (planing) and further bone loss.

Antibiotic Therapy

Dental patient holding antibiotic therapy pills

Once we have thoroughly cleaned your gums and eliminated plaque and tartar buildup, we will move on to antibiotic therapy. This topical or mouth rinse treatment not only reduces the overall size of your gum pockets, which can easily trap bacteria and food particles, but it also kills existing bacteria. Depending on your specific situation we may also place an antibiotic directly around specific areas of your mouth. As a result, you’ll enjoy healthier gums and a more aesthetically pleasing smile.