Full Mouth Reconstruction – Derby, KS

Give Your Smile a Complete Overhaul

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Lots of patients are a little bit nervous to visit the dentist because they’re concerned that they’re going to be judged. If that describes you, you shouldn’t be worried—a good dentist will be happy to see you no matter the condition of your teeth.

In fact, if your teeth are in bad condition and you happen to be around Derby, KS, the team here at Illuminate Family Dentistry would be happy to talk to you about a full smile reconstruction. Whenever you feel like giving your smile a complete overhaul, give us a call and we’ll bring you in for a consultation.

Why Choose Illuminate Family Dentistry for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?  

  • Dental Treatments Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Dedicated Team Undaunted by Complicated Cases
  • Customized Treatment Plans Perfectly Suited to Your Needs

Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction Right for Me? 

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Full mouth reconstructions incorporate several different restorative treatments in order to completely change the look and feel of your smile. If you have ever felt like your teeth were beyond repair, this is the treatment that can put your oral health back on track.

Via a customized treatment plan, we can help you deal with missing teeth, severe gum disease, profound misalignment, and any other number of serious oral health issues.

The Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

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When you first come to us for a full mouth reconstruction, we’ll carefully examine your mouth in order to get a sense of what kind of problems you’re facing. We’ll talk to you about your goals, your budget, the time you’re going to be able to commit, as well as any other factor that could influence the course of your treatment plan.

The reconstruction itself can incorporate any number of treatments, from dental implants or bridges to dental crowns and periodontal therapy. These will take place over the course of anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, the exact timeframe depending on the treatments you require as well as how frequently you can make it to the dentist’s office.

Understanding the Cost of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Given the variable nature of a full mouth reconstruction, it can be a little bit difficult to tell you what you can expect yours to cost without meeting you first. That said, once your consultation is complete and we’ve decided on what your treatment plan is going to look like, we’ll give you a complete estimate of what you can expect your dental care to cost.

We’ll also take the time to walk you through your insurance coverage, as well as any financing services that you may benefit from in paying for your dental care.